Supporting Children With Additional Needs


  • Supporting Children with Additional Needs (SCAN): The SCAN program (download PDF) provides funding to Community Services funded preschools, occasional care and vacation care services to support the inclusion of children with additional needs.
  • Department of Education & Training – Inclusion Support Funding Program  (ISP funding): The Program provides support that is supplementary to improve the educational opportunities, learning outcomes and personal development of children with disabilities. The Program provides funding to non-government, not-for-profit incorporated services. For further information contact, 1800 064 767 or


Inclusion Support Agency (ISA): Ballina District Community Services Association (Richmond Tweed Inclusion Support Agency). ISA supplies children’s services with practical advice and support in including children with additional needs into a quality childcare environment. The ISA will manage and monitor the delivery of inclusion support to enable child care services to include children with additional needs. ISA’s focus on the following priority groups:

  • A child from a culturally and linguistically diverse background
  • A child who is a refugee
  • A child from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background
  • A child with ongoing high support needs (this includes those children who have a diagnosed disability)

Information can be accessed by phone consultation with an inclusion support facilitator (ISF)
Referrals can be made by eligible child care services by fax, email or mail to the ISA contact details below.

Specialist Equipment may also be available to support this child, eg, inclusion cut-out table.